We tried to answer the most common questions asked about our organization. If we didn't address your question, please reach out at [email protected]

What does my contribution go towards?

All donations and membership fees are held in the nonprofit organization's bank account. These funds go straight to our projects to help the less fortunate. For example, your donation may go toward purchasing food items for a local pantry, hosting dinners for the homeless, creating care packages for those in need, purchasing clothing items such as coats, shoes and much more. Members, officers, and trustees are NOT compensated.

Do our projects only take place in South Lyon and the surrounding area?

We have many projects that will take place in our own community, but we will also have projects located in areas of greater need such as Pontiac, Ann Arbor, and Detroit.

How often do I have to pay membership fees?

Membership dues are $15 per year; however, if a member wishes to contribute more to our cause, they would do so with a donation.

Am I required to attend every event?

No, you are not required to attend every event, but we encourage it. You may attend any event that works with your schedule.

How will I know about project dates?

We will post project dates under the "projects" tab. Also, we will contact our members with sign-up sheets and dates.

May I use this for my college application?

Members may use The Goodfellas Project on their college application given they are in good standing with the board of trustees. Further, members may petition the board for a committee letter of recommendation. Please ensure you have been an active member prior to petitioning for a letter of recommendation.

 May I designate exactly what purpose my donation goes to?

Yes. You may choose what projects and causes your donation goes to. If you would like, we can arrange a restricted funds agreement with proof of performance.