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Goodfellas House Remodel

The Goodfellas Project remodeled a home for a previously homeless mother and her three children. They moved into their home from a homeless shelter, and there was nothing in the home.

We partnered with CWP to organize a home remodel. We received numerous donations of furniture, clothing, house supplies, and food for the project.

We managed all the donations and recruited a team of volunteers to furnish the home for the family.

We successfully furnished the home for the family and stocked it with food, clothes, and other supplies!

Grace Centers of Hope

Grace Centers of Hope is an organization that helps individuals whose lives have been damaged by drug addiction, and other self-destructive behavior. They have a variety of services aimed to help people get back on their feet.

The Goodfellas Project hosted a special event at GCH in celebration of Mother's Day-- the Goodfellas 1st Annual Mother's Day Dinner. We went to GCH with food, games, gifts, and more to demonstrate our support for the women and children at the facility. Our goal is to show them we care and for them to enjoy their time with us.

We hosted a holiday dinner at GCH December 2018 to bring holiday joy to the women and children of the GCH women's and children's shelter. We had professional chefs prepare a wonderful meal for the residents and had a cookie-making station for the children. We had a great time overall!


Active Faith South Lyon

The Goodfellas Project partnered with Active Faith Community Services in South Lyon for Stamp Out Hunger, a national food drive. The food is donated to Active Faith, who distributes it to those in need around South Lyon.

We were at Active Faith's food pantry stapling and folding bags in preparation for the national postal food drive. This was done in partnership with SLHS Varsity and JV softball teams. Also, the team donated a plethora of clothes, socks, and toiletries that we will distribute to Women's shelters.

This was the national food drive in which our local food bank, Active Faith, receives a monumental amount of donations. We were at Active Faith helping them process thousands of pounds of food donations.

We've donated cash to Active Faith, and we continue to help out Active Faith with volunteers and help whenever they need it! 🙂

The Caleb White Project

The Caleb White Project is dedicated to helping the homeless in Detroit. The Goodfellas Project has a strong partnership with CWP.  They kindly invited us to Game Night at the Shelter, an event in which we provide food, clothing, and play games with the women & children at the Genesis House shelter. We have attended multiple Game Nights.

In addition, we volunteered at CWP's Summer Service Camp and hung out with children from various shelters. We had a great time!

The Goodfellas Project Adopts a Road!

The Goodfellas Project is in agreement with Oakland County Road Commision to keep our main road, Pontiac Trail, clean from 9 Mile to 10 Mile. We believe keeping our city's main road clean is a small thing we can do to improve South Lyon. We completed our road clean-up on Earth Day, and we will continue to keep our main road clean for years to come.